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Barre Fitness in Yaletown Read more »

Barre Fitness in Yaletown

Check out Our Neighbours – Barre Fitness in Yaletown – a Complimentary Fit for Blue Egg. I tried Barre Fitness 4 times and then bought my membership. Yeah! I love how quickly and efficiently it develops strength and can sculpt. Barre Fitness is great conditioning for the…

Alisoun Payne in The Province Read more »

Alisoun Payne in The Province

Congratulations Alisoun! We love you! Alisoun is also an instructor at Blue Egg.   Dancer’s daring feats wrapped in silk . BY LENA SIN, THE PROVINCE FEBRUARY 13, 2011 . Alisoun Payne won’t lie. It’s scary stuff being suspended from the ceiling of Rogers Arena, or…

Congratulations to all the Winners at Monsters of Hip Hop 2011 Read more »

Congratulations to all the Winners at Monsters of Hip Hop 2011

[yframe url=’”>Monsters of Hip Hop Vancouver, Washington | Royal Flush YouTube’] Congratulations to all the Winners at Monsters of Hip Hop 2011 in Vancouver, WA | Royal Flush . Blue Egg gives Standing Applause to all the amazing Vancouver Dancers who attended … And Killed…

2010 – 2011 Network Pilot Season Read more »

2010 – 2011 Network Pilot Season

From The good people over at the Hollywood Insider have put together a list of all the new pilots getting ordered for the new 2010-2011 season from each network and we thought we’d share them with you as well. Many of these shows are…

Vancouver Read more »


A nice video we found on YouTube the other day. Just a reminder of why we love and live in Vancouver. [yframe url=’′]

Breakfast Television with Greg Harper Read more »

Breakfast Television with Greg Harper

Watch Blue Egg on Breakfast Television. Blue Egg put together a number for Breakfast Television that includes Singing, Dancing and Acting on Friday January 7th. Thank you to the students of Blue Egg for such a great live performance! We are very proud of you.…

True Heroines Read more »

True Heroines

True Heroines at J-Lounge A NIGHT OF SASSY, SEXY FIFTIES STYLE ENTERTAINMENT AT VANCOUVER’S J-LOUNGE Jovanna Huguet, Paula Giroday & Fiona Vroom (The True Heroines), Caroline Torti, Austin Di Iulio (SYTYCD Canada), Graham Goodall (Hellcats), Juliana Semenova & Daniela Dib (Vanity) After a short hiatus…

Inspired by Michael Jackson Read more »

Inspired by Michael Jackson

Professional Dancer and Hip Hop Instructor, Carlena Britch, inspired by Michael Jackson at Blue Egg Studios.

Diamonds in the Rough Read more »

Diamonds in the Rough

[yframe url=’’] Our friends Diamonds in the Rough. Diamonds in the Rough is sponsored by Blue Egg Studios. This video was made by Diamonds for a spot as an MTV reality show. Diamonds in the Rough …… 8 females, 8 dancers, 8 Diamond Lives. Separately,…

Dallas Read more »


Dallas makes a Special Appearance at Blue Egg. Professional Dancer and Instructor, Stewart Iguidez, brought Dallas by the Studio for a short visit. Always great to see you Dallas!

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